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Dave Brisbin

Zero Sum and Abundance

In our modern western economy, our understanding of life itself revolves around zero sum, legality, and scarcity. On the other hand in God’s economy, Jesus is painting a very different picture of his and our Father constantly throughout the Bible.

When we look at what Jesus is portraying through his teachings and prayers, we see an exuberant extravagance, an overwhelming abundance always flowing from Father that can’t be stopped or slowed in any way. Just as a desert dweller living in a culture built around the scarcity of water can’t conceive of living where water falls from the sky, Jesus is trying to show us that the scarcity of love and acceptance on which our lives are built can change in an instant once we experience a love that literally falls from the sky.

To watch the full video, go to https://theeffect.org/water-from-the-sky-new/.

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