Non-Religious Christian Spirituality


What is this all about?

It’s about being the most literal person in the room in terms of interpreting the Bible and being called a heretic at the same time.

It’s about setting out to find the origins of your faith and digging up buried treasure that radically challenges everything you thought you knew about that faith. It’s about the difference between intellect and experience, behavior and identity, religion and spirituality, obedience and purpose, law and love… It’s about all the difference there is between conforming to an ethic or theology and transforming into a person liberated from whatever stands between you and your God.

Viewing the traditional essentials of our faith from a non-traditional viewpoint is essential itself if that viewpoint gets us closer to the original intent of Jesus’ message. Jesus didn’t so much give us a theology as show us a Way of living life in God’s presence. He didn’t so much create a new religion as purify the hearts of his followers within the context of the religion they already had. When we return Jesus’s message as recorded in the New Testament to its original language and culture, an amazing shift occurs.

Putting ourselves in the sandals of the first hearers of Jesus’ message, we have come to believe that our faith is not what we think, but what we do–that the essence of the Good News is:

  • not legal, but relational
  • not about conformance–following rules, but transformance–seeing life and relationships in a completely different way
  • that living in fear of punishment has no place in a faith built on unconditional love

If we can make the radical shift that Jesus called being born again, we can begin a process that focuses not on heaven or hell, but on this moment right here and now. We can see ourselves as we are–in unity with each other and God’s presence.

This Way of living life, this quality of life lived in unity with God and each other is what Jesus called Kingdom. As Jesus said, “The waiting is over. The Kingdom is here.” (Mark 1:15) We have decided to stop waiting and to start living theeffect of God’s love right here and now in each relationship and each moment and person that crosses our paths.

In the dropdown links above, take a look how this Way plays out in central areas of our spiritual lives: love, talmidim, kingdom, law, and scripture. And for a deeper look, there is The Fifth Way.


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