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nonreligious+christian, together at last

As husband, father, and pastor with several organizations and projects within projects in tow, it’s with some real trepidation that I start this blog. Seeded with the remains of an old blog long abandoned, I’ll try to start again and remain faithful to the posting. Or remembering Yoda: Try not. Do or do not; there is no try… I’ll just do. And some days I’ll do not. Hopefully the do days will be enough.

By way of helping those do days along, I’ll publish some older writings, messages, and excerpts from The Fifth Way along with new thoughts, messages, and curated material–all exploring that intersection between faith and spirituality and the everyday details of life. After all, what good is faith and spiritualilty if they don’t intersect with each detail of our lives? If they don’t have a measurable effect on those details?

Nonreligious Christian spirituality is spirituality that is always tethered to and defined by the effect it has on the quality of our closest relationships–not the religious tenets or creeds of any particular denomination or sect. And though the term Christian is loaded enough now to form vastly different images and emotions in each hearer, any other term would be even more misleading. To be Christian is to follow Jesus: to be Christian nonreligiously is to produce the same effect in our lives that Jesus produced in his. It’s a matter of extension. Religion chases a cause–nonreligion chases the effect.

At the same time, nonreligious Christian spirituality can be practiced very well–maybe best–in religious settings. There’s nothing wrong with religion; it’s just not the main ingredient. It’s an expression of the main ingredient.

And that main ingredient is what we’ll try to sneak up on, thought by thought and post by post…on the do days.

And if the pace of do days is too slow, you can look here for an archive of messages or here for an archive of articles.


long time coming…

Can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted here. In my defense, since last May I’ve been feverishly writing a book, which I’m just now finishing. I figured my blogging was being done in those pages. Meanwhile, we’ve been working to bring theeffect out of its completely guerilla status by starting new ministry operations and weekly Sunday Gatherings, which began last Sunday, May 20th.

So as theeffect picks up steam, I thought I should at least put a placeholder here. As soon as the book is to bed, I plan on posting here more regularly, especially as a means to stay in touch and stimulate discussion with effect members.

So it’s been a long time coming for both the book and theeffect. The book, called The Fifth Way, should be (self) published in another month or so; I’ll let you know when its available. Keep checking our site for updates on theffect and changes on the ground here. And I’ll see you back here soon…

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Just wanted you to know that picked up my article Men, Women, Chimps, and Scientists, and you can read it below on this blog or here at theooze.

Also, keep checking the articles at theeffect. Go here and then to articles/thisweek for the new stuff and articles/random for the latest there.

first time for everything

Alright, so now I’ve dipped my toe into the blogsea. So far, it’s been pretty cold. Not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, but I’ve gotten this far, so if anyone’s listening, please drop a comment just to let me know that comments work. And I’ll write something actually relevant at first opportunity. Though with the amount of time I’ve spent here, I’m going to have to get some work done…