Non-Religious Christian Spirituality

Jeff Jones, Our Friend

There is little we can say that hasn’t already been said about Jeff over the past twenty four hours.jeffThat he helped so many people over the years, that he was such an institution in our community and such a beloved figure is evident everywhere online and in the constant phone calls and text messages we been receiving. We all know what Jeff has meant to us, and we grieve his loss and the pain we know his family is experiencing right now.What we can say, for those who may not know, is that Jeff is theeffect’s first cause. One of our founders, he was the one of us who got the ball rolling. That may have been Jeff’s greatest gift: getting things rolling, whether in the community at large or in individual hearts. We owe our ministry to Jeff, and we are a part of his legacy as well. Every person we help for as long as we work as a ministry will have Jeff’s spirit attached.

It’s hard for us to imagine a voice and a personality as large as Jeff’s to be silenced, but that is what the process of our grief will teach us: to accept life on its terms, to find meaning and purpose in each moment no matter how painful, and to begin to step into the space left by Jeff–to learn to become first causes ourselves, to get things rolling.

Jeff showed us what it looks like to be active and impetuous, discerning and outrageously overextended, to hold opposing energies in a single embrace. And if Jeff sometimes showed us what it looks like to go a bridge too far, he also showed us we can go further than we may have thought possible.

We will miss our friend as we turn our attention to his family and everyone grieving his loss. And we pray that our grief will not be so great that we can’t be fully present to the grieving person in our path.

Thank you , Jeff.


One response

  1. Monica

    Beautifully written. Thanks, Dave. This can’t be easy for you guys. 😦

    September 3, 2013 at 9:59 am

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