Non-Religious Christian Spirituality

clouds in my coffee

This shot riveted my attention. I’d never seen clouds like this before…like mid-air twisters or alien mother ships–or as if the sky were the surface of water in a sink viewed from below as the water whirlpools down the drain. Well, in fact, they are lenticular clouds that form regularly around the peak of Mr. Ranier when conditions are such that moist updrafts cool and condense into these characteristic formations. So there it is: a detailed, scientific explanation that is at once perfectly accurate and perfectly misses the point. It’s not a scientific understanding that causes people to stop their cars on the highways and stare into the sky like children at a toy store window.

Does your faith life make you feel like this?

Our four year old son, Brennan, was playing with a stick, dangling it off the edge of his chair and announced that he was fishing. My wife said,  “Why don’t you ask your father to take you fishing?” He looked at her quickly with a puzzled expression and simply said, “I am fishing.” Children don’t necessarily distinguish between their imaginings and their waking life. As adults, we spend nearly all our time making such distinctions and call it virtue. Children can enter into their imaginings and experience them so fully that they become real. As adults, we bullet through reality so quickly we often don’t experience it at all. If we can’t look up into the incredible beauty of a lenticular cloud and see the finger of God stirring our morning coffee, then we have impoverished ourselves and moved our mailbox out of Kingdom. Perhaps the spiritual journey is nothing more than finding God in each moment by finding that free child within–the one we used to be when every stick and every chair was an adventure and clouds were rabbits or elephants or anything other than water vapor.



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