Non-Religious Christian Spirituality

one field, two ears

If this face doesn’t make you smile right now, then something’s really wrong. There was a line I remember from a movie I forget that went, “If it’s bad news, I generally do believe it.” I think that sums up much of our human condition. We are conditioned to believe bad news and minimize or rationalize away the good. Either we don’t think we deserve it, or we’re afraid it won’t last. And whether we believe we’ve blown too many chances or taken too few risks or good guys finish last or bad guys are never blessed, we often put up impenetrable force fields between us and the possibility of simply sitting in a field and letting the breeze blow our ears over our heads.

Does your faith life make you feel like this?

Difficult times do occur, and tragedies come without warning, but most often the distance between us and that field is a simple willingness to be there, present in whatever field we find ourselves. God is everywhere, but everywhere is just one place–this place, right here, right now. When we hurt, when the moment hurts, we run from the pain and ironically from the only source of comfort we will ever know. To lean into the moment, to be present even to difficult circumstances is to also be present to God’s spirit, the Way through the difficulty. When you find yourself rehearsing the same dark thoughts and feeling the same dark feelings, at the moment you become aware of them, take a breath and lean in–really look into someone’s eyes and hear them, really see the scenery around you, feel the task at hand, immerse yourself in each breath, and let God blow your ears around. Take just a moment’s vacation from your bad news, so you can begin to believe the good.

Repeat as often as necessary.



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