Non-Religious Christian Spirituality

first snow

Someone gave me a greeting card years ago with this image on the cover. I’ve had it on my desk ever since–and that’s about three desks now…it moves with me wherever I go. It’s called First Snow in Kazan and was shot in 1970 in what was then the Soviet Union. Every time I look at this image and see those two little faces I think of two things…that children are children wherever and whenever they are–the children with whom Jesus played looked just like these children and these children look just like ours. And secondly, that these faces are exactly what Jesus meant by Kingdom.

Does your faith life make you feel like this?

These children would be in their early 40s by now. I wonder if they still have these smiles? Did they jump and squeal and run for the door at the sight of the first snows this winter? Did they turn their faces up and greet each flake landing on their cheeks and tongue? Did you? Did I? The difference between these faces and ours may be the difference between Kingdom and not Kingdom. We can enter Kingdom–be Kingdom–anytime we want…anytime we can lose ourselves in a first snow.



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  1. Sara

    Hey, I just found your blog by accident when I was searching for this picture – as a matter of fact I bought the same postcard only a couple of days ago and somehow lost it, but the picture spoke to my heart so much that I felt I had to look for it on the internet! And in fact I love Jesus and yes, my faith does make me feel this way – as it says in a Josh Garrels song … “for the joy that overflows my cup.” I have experienced such exuberant joy that I never knew before I knew HIM. And I though it was lovely that my search led me to your blog and you actually know him as well and use this picture as an illustration for this very … phenomenon. Although this entry is over two years old, I still wanted to leave a comment because I love things like this. God bless you!

    December 21, 2014 at 3:41 am

    • So great that you found me, Sara. What I love about the internet…that you can end up places you never imagined just by following links. It’s like life where you start out with an agenda and a plan, and moments take you to the unexpected surprises. I’m looking at the photo now on the original card I received. It’s hanging on my filing cabinet as I type, reminding me what each moment can be like if I let it. Have a great Christmas, and I hope our paths cross again.

      December 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm

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