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moments of kingdom

I was just thinking about that last post–the difference between Western and Eastern thinking. And I suppose I was thinking in a typically Western way: I (subject) was thinking about the post (object) the way a scientist thinks about an experiment. There is a necessary separation involved in this way of thinking. In Jesus’ depiction of Kingdom, there is no separation. In fact, Kingdom is a moment by moment experience of connectedness–of us to each other, of us to God through each other. The moments of Kingdom are those moments where everything falls away, all sense of the boundaries of self, all sense of an I/subject or you/object cease to exist in the total immersion in the moment. That’s how we know we’re having a Kingdom moment, by this loss of self, which is what “dying to self” means after all.

Francis of Assisi once said to preach the Gospel continuously and to use words where necessary. I hear about how we have to go and minister and spread the Gospel and do this and that to fulfill our mission and commission in life. We’re always thinking about methods and ministries and strategies for growing this and that church or organization. Reaching more people. But here’s the catch: if we’re thinking about what we’re doing as we’re doing it, we’re not immersed in the moment of doing. We’re not fully present to the person we’re doing it with/to. We’re still separated off in our minds thinking about the objects around us rather than being fully connected to them. And if we feel pressure or obligation to do or do more, then we’re not letting our doing flow out of just who we are becoming. We need to shut off that voice in our heads and just be with the people God has placed in our paths and with the God who has placed every breath in our bodies. And then see what happens next.


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  1. Anonymous

    We need to be in toutch with our FATHER moment by moment to be in the kingdom!!It’s hard to do but it should be the easyest thing to do . Just let GOD have it all!

    August 9, 2005 at 7:47 pm

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